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Motorcycle Stand Hook Bolt | Bike stand hook bolt M8 Green

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Begin to sharpen aluminum; hook bolt M8

Performance |It is convenient for maintenance

The hook bolt which is most suitable at the time of maintenance.
When because it is processed a groove, I use the maintenance stands,
He/she fixes it without the pick of the stands slipping off well.

Design |It does not function

I begin to sharpen aluminum luxuriously and I pass to the details and direct sense of quality.
It is the product which is recommended for accent use of the custom

Size |Each parts size

Bolt size: M8 X 32mm bolt pace: 1.25
A spacer: 35mm in diameter
A hook part: 21mm in length thickness: Up to 22mm

Set contents |Hook bolt

Entering hook bolt … two (one set)
※The instruction manual is not attached.

Attachment means |A person with the maintenance knowledge, please perform the work!

I have you loosen a bolt, and it is the work that I only change, but the confidence which there is not, please depend on installation basically to a motorcycle shop nearby.
An accident, the damage when it was worked on installation by yourself are out of the guarantee.

As the guarantee becomes not intended under any circumstance, about the malfunction that it is worked, and the one except the motorcycle shop (mechanic of the shop) produced, please depend to a motorcycle shop nearby.