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WHEEL BALANCER & TRUING STAND | Compact balance adjustment

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Wheel balancer
Compact type

Detailed |Type color set contents

Folding wheel balancer

Wheel stands base *1
Shaft (φ 10) *1
Taper color *2
Mount ASSY *2
Touch collecting adapter ASSY *1

※Installation, the instruction manual is not attached.
※Import goods have it, and there may be a manufacturing process and a scratch in the transportation middle.

It is | about a productBalance collecting, spoke tension, adjustment is possible in one

・The balance collecting of the wheel, spoke tension, the touch adjustment of the spoke wheel, the check of the bearing are possibility in one.
・Is not troubled with storage after carrying around and the use; is foldable.
・Smooth work is allowed by a double bearing roller.
・The inside diameter of the wheel bearing supports wheels more than 15mm.
・As for the rim size, up to 23 inches, the rim width are available to 5 inches.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means.

When I am attached in you, and a product is damaged, and an accident occurs, the guarantee is not intended under any circumstance.

As the guarantee becomes not intended under any circumstance, about the malfunction that it is worked, and the one except the motorcycle shop (mechanic of the shop) produced, please depend to a motorcycle shop nearby.

In addition, I cannot answer in us even if I hear about installation. When there are any questions, I would like consultation toward the motorcycle shop of the neighborhood.

※For accident prevention, I, please confirm whether a bolt tightens by all means after work completion.
※A tool is necessary for the adjustment of the spoke separately. In addition, technical knowledge is necessary for the installation of the spoke.
※About a wheel disassembly procedure, the maintenance standard value, please confirm a vehicle service manual.

Usage |I cope with balance collecting, touch collecting

■At the time of balance collecting
・I put on a taper collar through a shaft to a wheel on both sides of the wheel and fix it with a potato screw. ・I set the wheel which attached a shaft on the bearing and balance and measure. ・Please refer to the service manual of each vehicle for the method for measurement.

■At the time of touch confirmation
・I attach a taper collar to a wheel through a shaft to a wheel like balance time of measurement and fix it with a potato screw.
・Unlike balance collecting, I set the shaft in a shaft tray under the bearing and close a shaft fixation screw not to be out of a shaft.
・I confirm a touch while waving it, and taking it, and setting a shaft, and turning a wheel. 位置を調整することで横振れ・縦振れと両方を測定することが可能です。
・Wave it at the time of the spoke tension and take it and set a shaft at the position same as time.
・Please refer to the service manual of each vehicle for how to put on spokes.

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