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Seat | CB750 seat leather tuck roll seat epidermis tea RC42 92-08

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The seat epidermis
Tuck roll Type

Detailed |Type color set contents

Seat leather (the epidermis)
I adopt tuck roll Type (non-waterproofing)
Seat leather (the epidermis) … one

※In us, I do not accept bean jam omission and the processing of Hitoshi Harikae.

※The tandem belt is attached as discount, but you have you prepare separately, or please use a tuck roll product.
※As it is an overseas part, individual difference may occur, and work such as sharpening it may be necessary.
※The mounting bracket, please use tuck roll parts.
※I recommend washing and stretching after I get a seat base fixed by processing without bean jam when seat leather is hard to swell.

※Installation, the instruction manual is not attached.
※Import goods have it, and there may be a manufacturing process and a scratch in the transportation middle.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

It is relatively simple work, but the guarantee is not intended under any circumstance when I am attached in you, and a product is damaged, and an accident occurs.

As the guarantee becomes not intended under any circumstance, about the malfunction that it is worked, and the one except the motorcycle shop (mechanic of the shop) produced, please depend to a motorcycle shop nearby.

In addition, I cannot answer in us even if I hear about installation. When there are any questions, I would like consultation toward the motorcycle shop of the neighborhood.

Attachment means |A person with the maintenance knowledge, please perform the work.

・Please remove a seat used.
・Please tear off leather from a seat base.
・Please train the leather which I sent over a seat bass.
・Please fix it with an exclusive tool (Tucker) in the state that you set up not to be able to do a wrinkle.
・Please confirm that Tucker does not have the slack.
・I attach a seat to the body, and I operate and confirm it, and work is completion.

※An exclusive tool (Tucker) is necessary for Harikae.

Correspondence car model |It supports the following car model


CB750 (RC42) from ’92 to ’00
CB750 (BC-RC42) from ’91 to ’03
CB750 (BC-RC42) from ’04 to ’08

※Other than the car model of mention, I do not cope.