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Head Light | 6 inch headlight case with KH250 Z250FT Z 250 LTD250SS400SS KH400 Z400LTD Z400GP Z400FX GPZ400FII CB250N CM250T NS250F CB400Four CB400T CB400N CBX400F CM400T GSX250E GSX250T GSX250L RG250 GT380

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6 inch head lights
Multi reflector head lights
Positions & mecchcats with

Performance-In multi-purpose efficiently spread the light!
High-efficiency headlight low spreading useless!
Multi-reflector so efficiently light in the difFusion front bright fully.
If response is because the wiring is a H4 coupler with coupler body side replaced at OK!
If not H4, please use the harness comes with Couplers with.
Position lamp mounted underneath the valve!
So position wiring headlights and a separate wiring lamp ON, OFF is possible.
Position the valve we use the T10.
Looking to replace the LED bulb of choice I think.

Design-Plating in the front around atmosphere gorgeous!
Multi reflector is no longer a staple staple in
A further case plating process so normal shoots no shine.
Great power to overwhelm the other 6 inch head lights in plating around the front significant and dressed up in luxury.
Adopting multi reflector finish with clear front.
From old-style Street, American and naked without discomfort to a wide range of models can be installed.
Fascinated by the latest models if still in the multi-reflector lenses!

Size-Please check the following sizes!
Headlight lens diameter 150 mm
Headlight diameter 180 mm
Head light depth 120 mm

Set contents-Headlight multireflector + mecchcats + H4 valve!
6 inch head light ASSY. 1 piece
Bulb H4 12 V 60 / 55W… One piece (already installed)
T10 Orange-position valve. One piece (already installed)
(It is already mounted back light mecchcats )

How to mount-Do people developing knowledge of work!
Will be installed by cutting the wiring small case is basically a simple task is now replacing your factory headlights and not respond Coupler. Mounting is fixed with the bolt holes of the right and left. Bolt is 10 mm positive please use the screws. So not match comes with headlight STAT will require separate headlight stat. Position valve wiring the Brown +, green-became increasingly. Generic products and will match meet contact by vehicle-specific installation please note that we do not. Near you if damaged product is installed by Customer himself will void the warranty so not confident to the bike shop, please contact.

Compatible models-Suitable for a wide range of models
Is recommended especially to look old-fashioned and old car!

12-volt car if installation are possible.
Please order on the compatible models, now confirm your head shape.
Suggest replacing the model examples
GB250 Clubman VRX 400 Roadster CB400SS CL400 GB400TT SilkRoad SPADA Spada
VT250F service Hawk II Bab CBR400F CBX400F CB250T CB400T CB400N CB400Four
SDR200 ZEAL zeal TT250R RAID SRV250S RZ250R R1-Z BRONCO r’nessa
SR400 SR500 XJ400D XJ400ZS
Vanvan ST250E Volty 200 tempting GS400 GT380 GSX250E GSX250T GSX250L
RG250 Goose250 Goose350 DFWOLF 200WOLF 200 WOLF 200 250 GSX250FX GSX400E
GSX400T GSX400L bug Sari
Z250FT Z250LTD Z400LTD FX400R Z400GP GPZ400FII Z400FX Z400J