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Security U-shaped Lock | shadow 400 Zephyr 400 W400 W650 PCX125 VTR250 PCX150 Zephyr 1100 RS CB1000 Bandit 250 impulse 400 shadow 750 Zephyr 750 TW200 Bambang 200 X11 CB400SF Zephyr 1100 Hornet 250 ZRX1100 XJR400

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Ray’s U-lock

Performance:Presence deter thieves!

To adopt the material high-strength steel, boasts a very strong intensity.
Boasting strong twisting or picking the very high security level.
No worries tarnish bike because the surface of the steel is coated.
You can securely place arm of the bike is easy.

Design |The original design of the U-shaped lock

U-locks, do you sell the most popular size.
Is often become gangsters and no car is the culprit?
Therefore, stolen or not good what should I do to obfuscate on?
For example is only handle lock vehicle and several key lock the vehicle,
Don’t give thieves a psychological tension are also different?
We introduce our Ray’s bike locks.
Can be used in the tire. From the moped can be fitted on a large motorcycle. Eletronic also easily enters!

SA b series |Size and vivid

Length of the U-shaped part: 290 mm/U character width: approximately 110 mm / metal part diameter: 12 mm

Set contents:U-lock

U-shaped lock body. 1
The key… 2 book

* Instruction manual not attached.

Compatible models:Compatible models examples

Supports a wide range of models.
Please consider the reference level is for the following vehicles.
* Can not be mounted to the drum car.
You may not even in case of disk drive mounting.
Ago you buy please on the vehicle of your appointment confirmation.


Ape 50 Ape 100 Live Dio ZX XR50 XR100 XR50 Motard XR100 Motard Zoomer Monkey Gorilla
Joker 50 Joker 90 Lead 50 Lead 90 Gyro X Gyro Up CF50 shary ST50 DAX5050
DAX50 JAZZ Magna 50 Benly 50’s Benly 50 Spacy 100 Spacy 125 Lead 100
Broad 50 Broad 90 CB125T CD125 T SL230 FTR223 XL230 XR230 Motard FORZA Z
Forza X Fusion SE Fusion X PS250 Foresight SE HELIX Spada GB250 Clubman
JADE HORNET VTR250 CB250T CB400T VRX400 Bros CB1 CB400SS CL400
CB400Super Four CB400F HORNET600 CB750 HORNET 900 CB1300Super Four CB1000Super Four X 11 X4 level
Magna 250 Steed 400 Shadow 400 Steed 600 Shadow 750 Magna 750 Valkyrie


BW ‘S 50 BW’ s100 RZ50 BJ JOG JOG ZR JOG Z-JOG ZII John gabrio GEAR C GEAR YB-1
YB-1Four Vino DT50 TDR50 gland Axis 100 Cygnus X SR Cygnus 125 Si Cygnus SV
Cygnus SR Majesty 125 FI Majesty 250 Majesty C Majesty 250A Maxam
TMAX Grand Majesty 250 Grand majestic 400 Tricker Serow 250 250 BRONCO SRV250S
R’nessa SR400 SR500 TW200 TW225 Serow 225W Lanza SDR200 Zeile GX250 GX400 XS250
XS400 RZ250 RZ350 RZ250RR RZ350RR R1-Z SRX400 SRX600 XJ400D XJ400ZS XJR400R
XJ750D XS650SPL FZX750 TX650 XJR1200 XJR1300 VMAX1200 XV250 Virago Drag Star 250
Drag Star 400 Drag Star 1100 Drag Star Classic 400 Drag Star Classic 1100
Royal Star venture Royal Royal Star tour Classic Roadster
Roadster Waller XV 1600A Wild Star


Street Magic GS50 Lets II Lets 4 K50 colada sports 50 coreduskrembler 50
50 Vanvan Vanvan 75 Vanvan 90 Avenue 150 Address V100 Address 110 Address V125
Marauder 125 GN 125 Marauder 250 250 SB RMX250 DR250 Intruder LC 250 Vanvan 200
Volty Grass Tracker Big Boy Grass Tracker tempting ST250E DF250 RG250E
Sky Wave Bandit250 Bandit400 Bandit1200 GSX250E GSX250T GSX250L
GSX250FX Goose250 Goose350 GSX400E GSX400T GSX400L GSX 400 Impulse TypeS
SV400 INAZUMA400 SV650 INAZUMA1200 GSX 1100 S KATANA WOLF Desperado 250 X Blvd.
Death pettanko Lord winder Intruder 400 Intruder Classic 400 Savage 400 Sky Wave 650
Savage 650 Intruder 750 Boulevard 800 death pettanko lard 800X Intruder 1500 LC GSX 1400


KSR50 KSR80 KSII KSR-II KSR110 AR50II AR50 AR80 AR80II Eliminator 125 KDX125SR
AR125 KDX200SR KDX220SR KMX200 Z250FT Z250LTD Z200 D Tracker 250TR KLX250SR
KLX250 KDX220SR250CS KLX300R Eliminator 250 LX Eliminator 250 SE Eliminator 400LX
Eliminator SE Eliminator 400 Eliminator 750 Epsilon Epsilon 125 250 BALIUS BALIUS-II
W65ZEPHYR1100 RZEPHYR1100 ZRX1100 ZRX1100II ZRX1200R Vulcan Vulcan II
Vulcan Drifter Vulcan 800 Classic Vulcan Vulcan 800 Classic Vulcan 800 Drifter
Vulcan 1500 Classic Vulcan 1500 Drifter