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Security Locked Set | Security chain lock U-shaped lock padlock XLCR1000 bolted FLST FLH XL1200S XLH1000 FLSTFB VRSCF Vulcan 400 classic FTR223 drag star 1100 FLSTSB shary FXSTD FXDF shadow 750 V-ROD muscle FLSTN

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Brand new Ray’s bike rock 4-piece set
3 types of locks can be shared by one key!

Performance |Presence deter thieves

Adopt chrome-molybdenum steel frame held the strength and durability of the used materials have been used. Chain locks, disk locks was accepted to ART authentication is used by handling the bike lock, bike manufacturer, Japan domestic as well as international standards RAY’S bike lock. Due to machine tensile strength test of quality inspection institutions made up of many organizations, such as the police, insurance companies, industrial companies, and-the torsional strength, cutting edge, and corrosion, dust and freeze test test level 1-get level 4 and level 5 in. This evaluation is equivalent with the brand. You can protect the vehicles can combine the disc lock and comes with chain. Of course, also comes with chain as well as adopted chrome-molybdenum steel, satisfies the stringent testing.

In addition, there were a lot of hassle or carry the traditional bike locks, keys and many will haunt? Key addition to all-in-one design with three single rock. For home and work ahead which go, second bike, you can us use according to the intended use and your shopping for mobile, etc..

Design |U-lock, disk lock, chain lock

Standard size, I’m selling most of U-lock, disk lock, chain lock. I found my car is the culprit, and won’t get a lot? Stolen, or not to obfuscate what good? For example with different psychological tension give vehicles only handle locks and the lock more than one vehicle, the thieves also? We introduce our Ray’s bike lock. U-shaped type that can be used for disc lock chain binding. 11 mm shackle, is a non-removable with one cut side lock. Latest designs now in the spotlight

Support Lee’s |Size of the force

Length of the U-shaped lock u-shaped part: about 290 mm/U character width: 110 mm / metal diameter: approx. 12 mm
Thickness of disc locks: shackle: approx. 11 mm / height: approx. 155 mm / width: 75 mm / depth: 35 mm / shackle length: approx. 90 mm
Chain lock: 1 link height: 85 mm width: 40 mm thickness: 10 mm chain length: 1760 mm
Chain: 1 link height: 85 mm width: 40 mm thickness: 10 mm length of chain: approx. 1510 mm

Set contents |Set deals

U-lock. 1 piece
Disc lock. 1 piece
Chain lock. 1 piece

Chain. 1 piece
The key… 3 book

* Instruction manual will not be included.

Compatible models |For many disc brake vehicle

Compatible with a wide range of models.
Please consider the reference level is for the following vehicles.
* Can not be mounted on the drum car.
You may not install in case of a disk drive.
Please check of your vehicle before order the products.