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Regulator | Just replace the stock bike regulator Virago 250 for OK XV250 Virago 250 (94, 96) model: DMA 3, 3DM9, 3 DMF XV250S Virago 250 (94, 96) model: 3 DMB and DMC 3, 3 DME, 3 DMD

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Performance : new regulator!
May be overcharged or right up voltage rises too unusual or charge prevents the voltage control regulator is broken, battery is good, but given the damage to the battery, life will be shorter. Hurts when erected recently, the battery may be regulator trouble.
This time listing regulator is the new peace of mind! Strain the battery before replacing the early!
Size : OE Virago
For part number 3DM-81960-00
* Please see pictures for details.
Set contents : regulator only
For the Virago regulator 1
Mounting method : do people developing knowledge of work!
Near you will void the warranty if the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity is now replaced with your regulator, so work is basically simple, but so not confident in the mounting of bike shops, please contact.

Compatible models : Virago
XV250 XV250 Virago (94, 96) model: DMA 3, 3DM9, 3 DMF
XV250S XV250 Virago (94, 96) model: 3 DMB and DMC 3, 3 DME, 3 DMD