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Brake Lever | For RZ50, TZ50, TZR50, TZR50R, TZM50R, DT125R, TZR125, SDR200, DT200R, TW200, TW225, TT225, Theroux, Theroux 225, 225 W, Theroux 225WE, Tricker, RZ250R, Majesty, RZ250, TDR250, XT250, XS250, TZR250, RZ350, XJ400, XS400, Virago 400,

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SR400/TW brake lever
(For brake disc)

Performance:Many of its models for universal type

SR400/TW200/225 can be replaced with genuine lever bolt-on, etc. are compatible brake lever. Now is also not required, when it comes of as when the stock is recommended products. Do you deployed it in the thought about the trouble that the sudden fall? If the lever is broken by falls, the worst case driving also insolvency. Later ‘ bought… ‘ and before you regret makes and front disc brake.

Design |YAMAHA genuine shape types

Clean the lever might think “mere levers’ is only, depends on impressions from around.
You can wear without feeling uncomfortable because the net is positive-shaped exactly like.
Liver color is secretly shine with polished silver color

SA b series |Brake lever approx. 180 mm

Brake lever approx. 180 mm

* Lever curves for the values for reference please see.

Set contents:Hydraulic brake lever

Brake lever. 1 book

Please rest assured is if compared to the photos are labeled for different packages of the product name but the same identical product.

Mounting method:Development knowledge and experience working please done!

If the goods were damaged, and installed in the Customer’s identity because currently your lever fixing bolts, and remove the lever replacement work is basically simple, but will void the warranty. Working for non-bike shop (the shop mechanic), responsible for the failure, any warranty is so near you of please request this service from bike shops.

Compatible models:Suitable for a wide range of models

Please see below for compatible models.
* Unlike the master cylinder lever shape is same as used by model year
Pull enough but it may not be.
Can operate fully without disturbing the running before after mounting, sure.
* May differ in size depending on the model. Before ordering, once again, currently using lever size check.


RZ50 ‘ 98 ~, TZ50 ‘ 90 TZR50 TZR50R TZM50R DT125R TZR125 SDR200 DT200R ( 37 F 3ET ) TW200 (disk)
TW225 TT225 ‘ Serow 250 Serow 250 86 225 225 W Serow 225WE BRONCO Tricker RZ250R
Majesty’s initial ( 4 HC SG01J SG03J ) ( 2 YK ) RZ250 TDR250 XT250 (48 Y) XS250 TZR250-‘ 88
RZ350 RZ350R XJ400 XJ400ZE xj400z XJ400Z XJ400D
XJ400 special XS400 XS400 special XZ400, XZ400D XV 400 Virago?
XZ550D XJ650 special XTZ660 XJ750 ‘ 80 / ‘ 81 / ‘ 83 XTZ750 XV750