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Tire | 90/90-21 54P WT front desk tire off-road motocross enduro tire trail REBEL XSTAR 01 FIM 90-90-21

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Off-road tire
90/90-21 54P WT

Detailed |Specifications, set contents

FIM standard conformity ※enduro tire.

※An FIM rule: Of the soil prescribed the depth of the groove of the tire to suppress the natural destruction to stop by to dig it up. (rear tire groove depth: lower than 13mm)

Front tire
Tube type
F tire: 90/90-21 54P WT … one

[correspondence tube]
2.75/3 .00-21, 80/90-21, 80/100-21, 90/80-21, 90/90-21, 90/100-21, 100/80-21

※A tire may transform it by the time of import, storage,
After putting the air, the tire will be normal and there is no problem to ride a motorcycle with the tire

※Installation, the instruction manual is not attached.

※There may be dirts by the storage.

It is | about bundlingIt may be impossible of bundling

I bundle it and cannot send out the product except a tire (to two), the tire tube rim band. In the case of an order, it costs the postage with more than two or the other product separately at the same time.

As the tube tire exhibits the tube rim band, please order it than a tire tube product screen.

※Please confirm the tire size of the vehicle before an order.
I cannot accept cancellation and the change after the order.

Instructions |I would like confirmation by all means for Japan use.

I cannot answer inquiries such as the production date.
In addition, I cannot accept the designation of the production date either.

When I am attached in you, and malfunction occurs, the guarantee is not intended under any circumstance.

As the guarantee becomes not intended under any circumstance, about the malfunction that it is worked, and the one except the motorcycle shop (mechanic of the shop) produced, please depend to a motorcycle shop nearby.

In addition, I cannot answer in us even if I hear about installation. When there are any questions, I would like consultation toward the motorcycle shop of the neighborhood.