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Tire | BRIDGESTONE; BATTLAX BT-39 tire | 100/90-16 M / C 54H TL NS250F (84-85) (84-85) NS250R VT250F (84-87) VT250F Integra CBR400F NS400R VFR400Z (86-88) FZ400 GF250 GS250FW RG250 gamma (83-85) GSX-r (84-85) KR250S GPX400R.

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100 / 90-16M/C 54H TL

Performance:The guests can enjoy sports winding on a naked machine.

High grip sports bias specializes in sport riding. In dry silica compound by compound, to demonstrate the high grip in the wet well. The grip in the synergies and the battle image pattern full Bank satisfied winding fun.

  • Double Crown R
    To ensure the straddle feeling with smooth handling and corners and double Crown R employed in the front.
  • Single Crown R
    To ensure linear swing and grip strength single-Crown R employed in the rear. Shipping:Back and forth with shipping available!

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    F tire: 100 / 90-16M/C 54H TL

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