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Tire | BRIDGESTONE Bridgestone BT-92 140 / 60 R 17 M / C 63H TL

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140 / 60R17M/C 63H TL

Performance |All round sport radial to fully exploit the performance on dry and wet.

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In the city, touring and winding run by seeking high-performance, cost-effective Customer.

-Adopt a compound to dry and wet grip, high durability, abrasion resistance.
-Adopted at the center of the tread pattern enhance the drainage at the high speed turn from straight, hiangruslantgrube.
And Loranger, slant grub in synergy with high angle view, junior realized to improve the drainage of turning at low speed.
And, of shoulder slant Grove adopted from vs chatter performance.
-Drainage on straight at the straight line stability for adoption Center strateglhoub. (Front)
-Adopted single large Crown R produce reliable stability, including the handling in a corner of the grip front and rear.
-Adopt the MS BELT and SPORT SACT. (Rear)

Shipping |Back and forth with shipping available!

Up to two tire regardless of possible shipping included.

Tires (up to 2), tire tubes, rimband regardless of manufacturer, size, but one we will ship at the mouth (included) and other products (levers, headlights, etc.) one mouth (included) shipping is received cannot be.
Would we charge additional ? 864 when at the same time, we will ship in the mouth 2 Note that served as you please.

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Set contents |Development knowledge and experience do


R tire: 140 / 60R17M/C 63H TL

* Wheel images etc are not included.

How to install |Working in senior level ^ o ^ / specialized knowledge is required!

Special tools and expertise will be required for mounting.
Please ask shops, etc. If the goods were damaged, and installed in your warranty.