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Tire | IRC tire motorcycle front tire 100/90-19 WF920 WT steed, CB400SS, shadow 800, drag star 400, 750 intruder, Savage, VN1500L, Vulcan 88, W650, EN500, W400, Vulcan 400

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IRC WF920 front tire
100/90-19 tube type

Performance-Durability can withstand the weight of the large-displacement motorcycle!
Adopt a single Crown R emphasizes to the front tire.
With a natural curve running toward the Center from the shoulder of the tire section
Achieve a smooth maneuverability! Is best considering the straight-running stability of shape.
Because the effluent of abrasion resistance also design aesthetic and at the same time enough to ensure peace of mind.
Attract the eye during gathered at buddies in because the blend of design and function.
Design-Powerful fire patterns!
Because tires are consumable goods, choose Design.
Firepatterncruisertire de force, his standing is very wild frame.
Beautiful, strong power, gaze glued to.
Size-Most commonly used sizes
Front: 100 / 90-19 57H WT
Set contents-1 book
IRC WF920 100/90-19… 1 book
* Tubes, rimband sold separately
Regarding this item cannot be combined shipping with products other than tires.
How to mount-Mounting easy ♪ ♪
In * mounting will require some special tools and expertise. Please ask shops etc. Near you is basically a simple task of bike shops, please contact. If damaged product is installed by Customer himself will void the warranty.
Compatible models-Naked bike!
Suggest replacing the model examples
Models cannot be installed by the year.
Honda: Steed 400 * non-VLS
Honda: Steed 600
Shadow 800 (export model) 88-
Drag Star 400 * except the Classic
Drag Star 650 excluding Classic
VS750 Intruder
Savage 650
Savage 400
VN1500L/SE (export specification) 87-98
Vulcan / SE (export specification) 87- 88
EN500 (export version) 90-(03 ~)
Vulcan 400 90 94, Japan