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Tire | IRC WF920 rear tire 140/90-16 WT Vulcan 400, Vulcan classic, Vulcan drifter 800 Vulcan, Vulcan 800 drifter

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Rear tire IRC WF920
140/90-16 tube type

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IRC (wells on the rubber)
Rear tire
Tube type
140 / 90-16 71 h WT. 1 book

* Installation and operating instructions are not included.
If you have stains due to storage, etc..

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Tire until the ( 2 books the rimband non-tire tube products can’t combined shipping.

Tubeless tires tubes tire which can use.
Who tyre tube below exhibit also tube rimband tire tube items screen.
Tire tubes rimband set 1,999 Yen ~

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Also, we contact about replacing the answer in our guaranteed. If you have any questions, please of please consult to the bike shop.

Compatible models:For the following models


XVZ13TD venture Royale


Vulcan 400 ( VN400A ) 95-98
95-99 Vulcan 400 Classic ( VN400A )
Vulcan 400 Classic ( BC-VN 400A ) 00-03
Vulcan 400 Drifter ( VN400D ) 99-99
Vulcan 400 Drifter ( BC-VN400D ) 00-02
Vulcan 800 (VN800A) 95-97
Vulcan 800 Classic ( VN800A ) 96-00
Vulcan 800 Drifter ( VN800C ) 99-01