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Tire | IRC; GP -210 front 80/100-19 49P WT: Yamaha Tricker XG250

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Brand new front tire
IRC GP-210
80 / 100-19 49P tube type

Performance: Master the on-Road off-road bike!

Thick nylon carcass, can withstand high-speed driving tires to maintain rigidity. Reception is somewhat flat structures with emphasis on stability good grip feeling and turning of round structures, and rear. Also, and axle track record in sports series tires on the front, ensured superb grip. Leah focuses on resistance to abrasion. Become a long life compound asphalt driving even long-lasting.

Design | Combines high stability and drainage patterns

Exquisite combination of slick style and block style stylish pattern design. Excellent drainage of thick Groove to perform best in the wet. In addition, stability at high speeds, to prevent uneven wear. Also considered in light off road traction.

Shipping: In different orders can be shipped with tube rimband also!

Tire shipping and up to 2.
* Cannot be combined shipping and tire, tube rimband non-commodity.

Tube the rimband is okay?
If damaged tubes the rimband tube tires if the long-awaited brand new tires to wear cause of punk.

Tube rimband also exhibits, so be ordered separately and combined shipping is available.
Tire tubes rimband set 1,999 Yen ~

SA b series | Off road bike size

Front 80 / 100-19 49P WT

Set contents: Tires only

Front tires. 1 book
* Please order size you need so tube the rimband is required (sold separately) is.

Mounting method: Work is advanced level ^ o ^ / expertise is required.

The mounting will require some special tools and expertise. Near the bike shops etc, please contact.
If damaged product is installed in the Customer’s identity will void the warranty.

Compatible models: Off road bike

Following models would be helpful. Before ordering please make sure current tire size.

Suggest replacing the model examples
Models cannot be installed by the year.
Before ordering please reference the table below now for your tire size please confirm.


Tricker XG250