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Tire | IRC tire tubes, 170/80-15 rimband set ayalsea

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IRC tiretube & rimband set

Product description-Featured simultaneous exchange of tires!
If damaged tubes the rimband tube tires if the long-awaited brand new tires to wear cause of punk. Recommended replacement of tubes and rimband when replacing the tires.
Shipping-Available in different orders and tires included shipping!
Tires and combined shipping is possible and at the same time to be ordered separately.
Tire, tube rimband non-commodity and shipping.
Size-Universal size
Bulb shape :PV78 (L-type)
Sizes: 170/80-15
Set contents-Tiretube & rimband
Tire tubes. 1 book
Rimband. 1 book

How to mount-Work is advanced level ^ o ^ / expertise is required.
In * mounting will require some special tools and expertise. Please ask shops etc. If damaged product is installed in the Customer’s identity will void the warranty.

Compatible models-American tube tire
Suggest replacing the model examples
Following models would be helpful. Before your bid please be sure current tire size.

Shadow 400
Shadow special ( 99 ~ )
Honda: Steed VLS
Honda: Steed 600
Shadow 750
Shadow Aero

Drag Star 400
Drag Star Classic 400
Drag Star 1100
Drag Star Classic 1100

VS1400GLP Intruder
VS1400 Intruder [parallel import] ( 01-)