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Telephone Arm Reselect


TelePhone Arm | HIGH type rotation with GREY; DESK CLAMP FLEX PHONE ARM

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HIGH type

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Space on your desk space.
That lifts the phone up in the air, can make better use of space underneath.
This is a dictionary as well as some things in the RCN high type. Helps you to organize documents and related peripheral equipment.

Because it rotates 360 ° can be one phone with a few people.
Sharing one phone with 360 ° rotating arm, next to each other as well as the opposite seat and can be used.

Secure the phone with stopper
Stopper on both sides to open the phone.

Telescopic arm, so the possible attraction to her hand phone
When you use the phone only arm pulls on hand.

Size |Always check please.

Platfrom size: approx. 200 mm x 240 mm
Rotation angle: 360 °
From desk height: 90 mm-410 mm adjustable
Plate thickness: up to 60 mm available

* 290 mm front becomes available for withdrawal.

Notes |Always check please.

Please please check size plate of your phone ago your order must be attached.

* Product images and colours may vary due to your monitor resolution and color adjustment.