<NEW Itme> Stock in Wheel Balancer

<New Item> We Stock in a Wheel Balancer. It is ready to order and ship it. Wheel Balancer; can use many ways. You can change the tire with it. Take a wheel Balance.

Back Rest For American type Motorcycle

We got stocked in the back rest for american type motorcycle.Now, it is ready to ship every where. Please check the following URL 

Monitor Arm in Stock right now

We got out of stock for the couples of types monitor arms.Right now, we stock many of them.  It is ready to order them. Please look them up.

New item Arrived; motorcycle seat for American type.

We stocked new item that is motorcycle seat. It is time to change it.  Let custom your motorcycle.  It makes you feel good and new. Please visit following URL.  You can find nice one!!!  

Restock Wallet and Wallet Holder

Hello everyone.  How have you been.  Our wallets and wallet holders were out of stock.  However, they are stock in this week, so it is ready to sell. These wallets and wallet holders are real leather.   

RS TAICHI Woman’s pants; Now on sale!!

We are selling new RS Taichi Woman’s Pants.  There are protectors in the pants and the protectors have a stretch function.You can wear the pants without any stress.You should try on it.You can enjoy your motorcycle life with it.   There is also men’s pants available. 

Stock in New Mini Inflater.

Do you have enough air in your tires?  Have you ever have trouble to get flat tire?This is the thing can solve the trouble; mini inflater.You can take a power from car or battery.  This is not really big size, so you can carry easily.  This is really good thing to have!!   

Cool Helmet! What kind of helmet do you want?

Hello. There are a lot of helmet in our store.  What kinds of helmet do you use, right now?  Helmets are really important for the motorcycle life.  I got the accident once.  The helmet protected me at that time.  However, the helmet is not only for protection, it is fashion too, so people choose cool one. This is the one kind of fun to ride motorcycle to choose helmet.  Please find a cool and nice one for you.   Please visit our following URL.   

8 inches Head Light Stock in

Today, couples of our products arrived at our warehouse.  Some of them are out of stock, so we were sorry about that. Now, we are ready to sell them.  The Head Light is the one of them.   Please check them up. 

Update the new motorcycle seats

We are selling new motorcycle seat for VTR250 and CB750.  If you are looking for new one, it is time to get new one.  It is possible to be feel great.  Ride and Sit with new seat!!Then, go to touring!!