Rear Boxes arrived at our Warehouse.

Today, we got our own brand motorcycle rear boxes in our ware house.Now, all kinds of rear boxes are in stock.  We are ready to ship them at any time. We are looking forward to hear from you.If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.  

A Happy New Year!!

How’s your holiday? I know not every countries have a holiday for the new year.We had five days day off.  It was nice to have a rest for beginning of the year. We will do our best to prepare our products. We are looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.  

End of this Year!!

How was the year? Did you have a something special? We opened this new English Facebook, and Website. Everybody can see the page and our products all over the world.  We are looking forward to hear from you. Have a nice year and Happy New Year!!!
チェコ花瓶 LED (1)

Cool Czech Glass Vase

Hello Everyone. In one day, we use the LED light to light up the Vase, and it was really cool. We are selling the Vase too.  If you are interested in the one.  Please order from our website that is following URL.

Monitor Arm Stock in our Warehouse

Couples of monitor arms were out of stock in these days.We got those stocks in beginning of this week, so we are ready to ship them. You can make the space on your desk to use the monitor arms.Also you can put more than one monitor to use the monitor arms.Those are really useful.  Please visit following URL to see office equipment We are waiting for your order. Thank you

Update the new Helmet from OGK Kabuto

The helmet call OGK Kabuto RT-33 ACTIVE STAR Green.The type of color arrived.  It looks really nice.  It makes you feel good and special.  It has many functions, so you will like it.  

Arrived New Engine Gasket Set

We stocked new Engine Gasket set for couples types of motorcycle.  Engine is very important, so it is good to do maintenance. This is the time to do it.  Please check our website that is following.   

Stock the Motorcycle Lift; Maintenance Kit

This week, we stocked the motorcycle lift in our warehouse.  It is ready to ship.  For international users, it is really heavy, so the shipping cost will be really high.  However, the lift is really good for when you maintenance the motorcycle.  Please look it up.The item number is 27215.  You can search with the number or put motorcycle lift.   

Looks Cool OGK Kabuto RT-33 Active Star Helmet

I picked one helmet at this time. It is looks cool that is called Kabuto RT-33 Active Star.There are many Stars on the helmet.   The Standard is ECE, Reg.22.05, JIS, MFJ. It is really good One.  

Racing Boots; make your feel fast.

 The nice looking Alpinestars Boots.  The boots are good for many kinds of riders such as sports, touring. and so on.  Also the protection function is really high quality.  This is the one.  There are other colors are available, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.