Arrived New Cowl Set For Ninja

 This is our new product; cowl set for Ninja.You can change your motorcycle cowl to new one.  Feel different and fresh.

Arrived New helmet ARAI CLASSIC MOD SKULL.

 New helmetThe new helmet is arrived. It is made in Japan. Its design is very creative. Very boldly place the cute skull, and finished with a wild and cute. Arai helmet unique to have been the cap body narrowing to make of the pursuit of safety, clear the Snell standards and equivalent penetration resistance test 3m while being compact. Has adopted the perfect eco Pure interior to spend in the future of the hot season, protection, antibacterial, pat function of deodorant. One-size-fits-all set in the world of many small jet type of helmet is, line up the finer size and 4 size setting. In combination with the Eco-Pure interior, it provides a more fit the head comfort.cap body / cLc structure standard / JIS standard (penetration resistance test is clear the striker drop height 3m) interior / Eco Pure interior (antibacterial and deodorant, anti-fouling)The latest model of 2016 has been finally launched. Detailed product information and purchase from here. > Helmet ARAI CLASSIC MOD SKULL

Arrived New helmet ARAI V-CROSS4 SLY

  New helmet The new helmet arrived. Is the helmet of “off-load”. Detailed product information and purchase from here. While incorporating all the basic philosophy of Arai to be representative in safety performance “R75” to protect the head, even to groan a professional rider, to pursue does not interfere with the ability to concentrate function, full-scale off helmet for the load of fighting spirit full of aggressive styling “V- cross 4” the base and the design model “V- cross 4 Sly” The off-road racing to keep running the earth that was rough even while being composed of a sense of speed a line all the way to before the image, a warlike atmosphere color “red / navy” and chic vinegar and poppy finish while the impact of “Black / yellow “has become a two-color design model. Helmet ARAI V-CROSS4 SLY yellow